Rubber Stopper #05 Solid pack of 3 (15/16 x 23/32 x 1 in | 24 x 18 x 25 mm)

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Seal with Precision: High-Quality Rubber Stoppers for Laboratory and Homebrew Use

Enhance Your Brewing and Laboratory Experience with Reliable Rubber Stoppers

Elevate your laboratory and home brewing practices with our Rubber Stopper #05 Solid pack of 3. These cream-colored, durable rubber stoppers are essential for anyone engaged in scientific experiments or homebrewing adventures. Measuring 15/16 x 23/32 x 1 in (24 x 18 x 25 mm), they are perfectly sized to fit test tubes, flasks, and a variety of other bottles. Each pack contains three solid bungs, offering versatility and reliability for all your sealing needs. Proudly made in the United States, these stoppers are a staple in any laboratory or home brewing kit.

Key Features:

  • Universal Fit: Designed to fit a range of test tubes, flasks, and bottles.
  • Solid Construction: Made from high-quality rubber for a reliable seal.
  • Multipurpose Use: Ideal for laboratory applications and home brewing.
  • Pack of Three: Provides ample supply for multiple uses.
  • American Made: Proudly produced in the United States for assured quality.


Q: What are the dimensions of the Rubber Stopper #05? A: The stoppers measure 15/16 x 23/32 x 1 in (24 x 18 x 25 mm).

Q: Can these stoppers be used for a variety of bottles? A: They are designed to fit a wide range of bottle types.

Q: Are the stoppers durable for long-term use? A: Absolutely, they are made from high-quality rubber for durability.

Q: Is this product suitable for both laboratory and homebrewing use? A: Yes, it is versatile for both laboratory experiments and homebrewing.

Q: How many stoppers are included in each pack? A: There are three stoppers in each pack.

Q: Are these stoppers easy to clean and maintain? A: Yes, they can be easily cleaned for repeated use.

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