Rubber Stopper #10 Drilled 3 per Pack (2-1/64 x 1-11/16 x 1-7/64 in | 51 x 43 x 28 mm)

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Rubber Stopper #10 Drilled: High Capacity Sealing with Integrated Tubing Functionality

Robust Sealing for Advanced Technical Requirements 

Maximize the efficiency and precision of your sealing needs with Rubber Stopper #10, which is drilled and manufactured in the USA from the finest rubber materials. This stopper is tailored for high-demand environments that require a secure, airtight seal and the ability to accommodate tubing for complex fluid or gas management tasks.

The Rubber Stopper #10 Drilled is sized at 2-1/64 x 1-11/16 x 1-7/64 inches (51 x 43 x 28 mm), making it well-suited for larger containers where robust sealing and tubing are necessary. This stopper is essential for large-scale laboratory experiments, industrial brewing operations, and any setting where precision and reliability are paramount.

Key Features:

  • Material: Constructed from premium-grade rubber for optimal durability and flexibility.
  • Size: Specifically designed at 2-1/64 x 1-11/16 x 1-7/64 inches (51 x 43 x 28 mm) to cover a wide range of container sizes.
  • Drilled Design: Features a standard-sized hole for easy tubing insertion, enhancing its versatility.
  • USA Made: Proudly produced with high-quality American craftsmanship.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for sophisticated laboratory and brewing environments that require drilled stoppers.
  • Effective Sealing: Provides a robust and leak-proof barrier while facilitating tubing connections.
  • Reusable: It can be used for multiple purposes without compromising quality or performance.
  • Flexible Compatibility: Fits various large bottle and flask sizes.
  • Quality Assurance: Each stopper undergoes rigorous testing in the USA to ensure it meets the highest standards.


Q: What tubing diameter fits with this stopper? A: This stopper accommodates standard laboratory tubing, typically suitable for a range of professional uses involving fluid or gas transfer.

Q: Can this stopper be autoclaved? A: It is designed to withstand autoclaving and is ideal for use in applications requiring sterilization.

Q: Is this stopper suitable for use under high pressure? A: It is important to verify that the stopper meets the specific pressure requirements of your project to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Q: Is the rubber material of this stopper safe for contact with food and beverages? A: The high-quality rubber is generally recognized as safe for contact with consumable items and complies with all necessary safety standards.

The Rubber Stopper #10 Drilled is perfect for demanding projects where large-scale, precise sealing integrated with tubing capability is essential. This stopper ensures flawless operations in any advanced laboratory or industrial environment, providing reliable and efficient results.

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