Rubber Stopper #11.5 Solid 3 per Pack (15/16 x 23/32 x 1 in | 24 x 18 x 25 mm)

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Rubber Stopper #11.5 Solid: Exceptional Sealing for Large Containers

Premium Seal Integrity for Specialized Applications

Introducing our Rubber Stopper #11.5 Solid, meticulously crafted in the USA from the finest rubber materials to provide exceptional sealing capabilities. Designed for critical environments that require airtight seals, such as advanced laboratories and large-scale brewing facilities, this stopper is pivotal in maintaining the purity and security of your contents. 

The Rubber Stopper #11.5 features substantial dimensions of 2-31/64 x 1-31/32 x 1 inches (63 x 50 x 25 mm), perfectly suited for very large containers that need reliable, leak-proof seals. Its robust, solid construction is the cornerstone of its functionality, ensuring that it effectively prevents leakage or contamination.

Key Features:

  • Material: High-grade rubber ensures outstanding durability and flexibility.
  • Size: Measured at 2-31/64 x 1-31/32 x 1 inches (63 x 50 x 25 mm).
  • Solid Design: Crafted to provide an unbeatable, airtight seal.
  • USA Made: Manufactured with premium American craftsmanship.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for large laboratory instruments, brewing systems, and extensive container sealing.
  • Reliable Sealing: Delivers a secure, leak-proof barrier.
  • Reusable: Engineered for repeated use, maintaining high performance across many applications.
  • Universal Compatibility: Fits a broad range of large bottle and flask sizes.
  • Quality Guaranteed: Each stopper is rigorously produced in the USA, ensuring top-level performance and reliability.


Q: Are these stoppers capable of withstanding very high temperatures? A: These stoppers are robust and designed to handle moderate to high temperatures, but it's always best to check compatibility with your specific temperature requirements.

Q: Can these stoppers be used for active fermentation processes? A: While they are excellent for storing and preventing contamination, they are unsuitable for fermentation processes requiring air exchange through airlocks.

Q: Is the rubber material used in these stoppers safe for food and beverage contact? A: Yes, the rubber is of high quality and generally considered safe for use with food and beverages, pending adherence to relevant safety standards.

Q: How often can these stoppers be reused while retaining their effectiveness? A: Designed for longevity, these stoppers can be repeatedly used without a decrease in performance, offering excellent value and sustainability.

Choose the Rubber Stopper #11.5 Solid for your most demanding sealing tasks, where size and reliability are paramount. This stopper is essential for ensuring high-quality, dependable seals in any setting requiring enhanced security.

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